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Doctor Brown's Town House Ghost Story

The following article was written by Melanie Jackson and appeared
in the Social Circle News Journal and the Walton Tribune

"Have You Seen Her?...."

When Dee and Kemal Joseph purchased their old ante-bellum home in Social Circle last year, they never expected to find someone else "living" there. As the town folks became aware of their new neighbors and introduced themselves to Dee and Kemal, sometimes one would ask, "Have you seen her?"

The Josephs spent eight months renovating their home before they actually moved in to it. The house was originally built around 1860 by Dr. Joseph T. Brown and was sold to the James Wiley family in 1919 and they occupied it for 49 years. It was then passed on to other families. The Josephs purchased the house in 1995. As with any older home there were many repairs to be made. There was plastering and wallpapering to be done, floors to be refinished, bathrooms to be remodeled, many long hours accompanied by many aches and pains to complete the task and make the house the home of their dreams. And every once in a while, as they painted and scrubbed, someone would come by and ask, "Have you seen her?"

Throughout the many years of the home's existence, "she" has been seen with her full hooped skirt, hair tied neatly in a bun of the times. "She" has watched children as they played at the top of the stairs, children that are now in their mid-sixties. "She" has been seen strolling through the halls of the old home and walking up and down the staircase that reaches to the upper level.

After the family moved into their new home, the Joseph's son, Matt, was in the downstairs sitting room watching television one evening when he looked over to see "her" walking up the stairs. He was alone at the time and when Mr. and Mrs. Joseph returned from their outing, Matt asked, "Is this house haunted?" To his surprise, Mrs. Joseph said, "Yes, we have heard there is something here. Why? Have you seen 'her'?"

Another evening while Matt was resting on his bed, "she" quickly appeared in the doorway of his room, looked at him, and then just as quickly swished away.

On yet another occasion, Dee Joseph was in the den resting after a long day's work and "she" peeked around the corner of the doorway at Dee and vanished.

There is no feeling of fright here, just wonder. The Josephs are not bothered by "her." They love their new home and have accepted the fact that they will probably always have this lady-of-long-ago living with them, watching them, and sharing their halls and stairways. So now when someone asks them, "Have you seen her?" they will calmly answer, "Yes we have."

The next question may be, "Who is 'she'?"


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