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The GA Project of the US Gen Web

The GA Project Walton County

What is Social Circle?

Social Circle Design Guidelines – Joshua Riley
(Acrobat Reader required to access this 166-page resource book developed for Social Circle by Joshua Riley, MHP, formatted for the web by Jackie Thomas, PhD)

Welcome to our Place in History – Joshua Riley

National Register of Historic Places Inventory Social Circle 1980
(includes list and map)

Historic Preservation Society of Social Circle List of Historic Sites

City Zoning Map (includes both National Register and City of SC Historic Properties)

Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Historic Preservation Division
•Staff Directory
Grant and Tax Incentive Info

Walton County Resource Links at

Walton County GA at

Georgia Fire Insurance Maps

Georgia’s Virtual Vault
Digital Treasures from the Georgia Archives

How to Research the History of Your House

Victorian Architecture

Architecture Time Line

Guide to Architectural Styles

Roof Designs

Greek Revival Column Designs
can be smooth or fluted

Preservation Directory

Important Distinctions for Owners of Historic Properties

  • Preservation: Maintain the current state of a building
  • Restoration: Reproduce the appearance of a building exactly as it looked at a particular moment in time
  • Rehabilitation/Reclamation: Bring back to a preferable manner of living which makes contemporary use possible while still preserving significant character-defining features. Includes adaptive use
  • Renovation: Improve the usefulness and condition of a building by repairing, altering, and adding but without necessarily being sensitive to the character-defining features
  • Remodeling: Make over the design image of a building. The appearance is changed by removing original details and adding new features that are out of character with the original